February 12, 2011

Web design for artists and thinkers

Hello! Welcome to my blog!
I wanted to build this blog as an independent section of JS-WebDesign.com to express and share ideas about the artists and thinkers of our time. As a web designer in this area, I hear many life stories every day, most of them very interesting and somehow moving, but when I sit down to work with an artist, just one thought guides my spirit: to discover the artist's uniqueness and to find the way to communicate this uniqueness through their website, thus giving an accurate image of the artist.

Moving towards this goal is only possible through the relationship that I establish with my customers and the interest and feelings I experience when I begin to work on a website for an artist. This is the basis to generate the magic and confidence that will allow them to show their talent, their art and their message to the global community.

Before starting the design phase, I talk with the artist about their art, learn about the way they work; which, in their opinion, is their best work, and the ultimate goal of their art.  At this important moment I obtain the details that inspire me to find the right design, so that the website becomes a reflexion of their art, spirit and humanity.

In my experience, I often find that the artist feels a bit confused. They want a website but are not sure why or where to start.

They want a website because others artists have one, because they need a reference of their work on the internet, they do not want to fall behind, they want to be able to get in touch with people to obtain feedback about their work, or to sell their art. Also, I often hear a great deal of concern about the budget for a website.

The easier point is to relax them about the budget, because I offer very reasonable budgets and comfortable installment plans as well as different payment options. I can offer competitive prices because, as a freelancer, I manage all phases of the project myself, from concept and design to the rollout. There are no hidden costs to maintain a company, or intermediaries, nor frequent delays inherent  with web design companies. I work directly with the artist on texts review, images selection, and design concept.  During this process we maintain constant communication; though meetings, by phone, e-mail and video calls for those not based in Miami. Just like all professionals, I expect to perceive fair fees for my work. My pages are as cost-effective as those generated by templates offered by web design companies, so I make sure that my customers get what they want at a fair price.

To finish this first post, I want to offer you the four main reasons why an artist needs a website.
  1. Having the global community as an online audience, your art is displayed permanently. It is visible from anywhere, and it is always available.
  2. It constitutes your resume, your portfolio ready at hand. You are able to send your materials to anyone you want at any time.
  3. It offers you a convenient way to network and share your knowledge with other artists.
  4. You have access to the people interested in your art. You can reach a definite target to promote and sell your artwork directly.
A very important aspect useful to me with this blog is the possibility to improve and expand my skills in English as second language, since it is not my native language, it will be a great way to practice my writing, enriched by your contributions and corrections to my articles.
As this is my first post on the blog, basically I want to comment about my job as web designer for  artists and thinkers, and I want you to know me a little more: I love art and free expression. I often read about Lacanian psychoanalysis, literature (poetry and narrative), computer design, photography, artistic drawing, and music theory. I study violin.
Well, I've already introduced myself, but right now I am asking: Why would someone come to this blog?
I hope to answer this question in the next posts. Now, I just want to say goodbye by saying that I am very grateful to the artists and thinkers who have given me the opportunity to be their webmaster for years, especially because I have learned a lot about music, poetry, and madness!